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We have been fortunate to work with many customers from a broad list of industry backgrounds, including Energy; Power-Battery Storage Devices; Construction and Agricultural Heavy Equipment; Office Furniture and Equipment; Automotive Interior and Exterior; Engines; Aerospace; Recreational Vehicles. Our engineering team thrives on a challenge, combining years of experience and knowledge with the latest technology to develop component and assembly solutions that work!


Engines, Pumps, Bearings, Pump Hubs, Spools, Vanes, Pistons, and Rings

Fluid Control

Fuel Systems; Shifting Spools; Chassis and Transmissions for Automotive, Heavy Truck, and Off-Road Equipment


Pole Piece; Shaft; Housing

Office System/Furniture

Threaded Components; Hex Shafts, Pivot Bushings, Locking Bushings, Mounting Hardware

Braking Systems

Pistons; High-Pressure Fittings and Connectors; Brass, Steel, Stainless, Aluminum

Steering Systems

Pumps; High Pressure and High-Temperature Fittings and Connectors